Microsoft’s $200 Surface Earbuds have seemingly been abandoned

The Surface Earbuds are a weird product in Microsoft’s line of Surface devices. Now over two years old, and still available to buy at a close to launch price of $160 (opens in new tab), the Surface Earbuds might be the worst “Surface” branded device you can buy brand new right now. They launched at a time when the wireless earbuds space was heating up and offered less than the competition while charging more.

Are they the best in audio quality? Definitely not. Are they the best designed? Most would argue that they aren’t. Are they the most comfortable? That depends, but I know a lot of people claim they don’t fit properly in their ears. Do they support wireless charging? Nope. Is the case premium? Mine scratches easily and the lid feels flimsy. Nothing about the product screams $160 premium earbuds.

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