WiZ Luminaire Mobile Portable Light review: a smart lantern wherever you go

Whether it’s smart bulbs for your ceilings, connected strips for your cabinets or customizable light-up patterns and shapes for your walls, lighting has become by far the most successful area for smart home adoption. But while our indoor rooms are well-lit by connected devices, it’s not quite the same story for portable or outdoor lighting.

Looking to add a connected glow to your next camping trip is the WiZ Luminaire Mobile Portable Light. Made by a subsidiary of Signify (the same company responsible for the Philips Hue brand), it’s a fun and reliable lantern-like light for brightening up a corner, inside or out. It’s not incredibly bright, and it’s not well integrated with Apple Home, but it’s hard not to be won over by its charming design and simple manual controls.

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

WiZ Luminaire Mobile Portable Light: Price and availability

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